WEBINAR: Introduction to Shock Technology.

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Intro to Shock Technology

Shock absorbers are critically important devices for any vehicle. They can alter handling, ride, tire grip, and even aerodynamic stability significantly. There are many variations of shock types and internals to choose from, depending on the application, rules, and budget. Contrary to conventional wisdom, shock technology isn't some dark art. In this live session, we will help demystify and arm you with the knowledge to begin putting the technology to work for you.


Let us be your guide.

At Penske Racing Shocks, it is our responsibility to help people navigate the available options and choose the best products to achieve success. This live presentation will cover information on shock types, piston options, testing of shocks, basic terminology, and a Q&A portion.

Webinar Highlights



We will review the different types of shock absorber architectures / designs, as well as the major types of shock absorber pistons and their respective characteristics.



Learn to choose the right shock absorber for your application, why shocks are essential to success on the racetrack, and the tools to test and check shock performance.


Sneak Peeks

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