Your Shocks Are Costing You Time and Money!

If you don’t understand how your shocks complement your application, how to use them, or don’t have the manufacturer’s support, you can be left in the dust.

Learn how to prevent this.

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Are You Struggling With Your Suspension?

Poor Performance

Poor Performance?

Bouncing over bumps. Swaying into turns. Tire spin. Understeer. Oversteer.

There are many symptoms of an unoptimized suspension that leads to poor performance - and, ultimately, slower lap times - on track.

You deserve better.

Lack of Confidence

Lack of Confidence?

We have been there.

When your car isn’t performing as you expect, you lose confidence in your vehicle. Even worse, you lose faith in your own ability to pilot the car.

Loss of confidence is a one-way ticket to losing on the track.

Where to Start

Unsure Where to Start?

With so many tuning options, it’s hard to know where to start.

Suspension tuning requires specific knowledge, expertise, and experience - that not many possess - to get a truly dialed-in setup.

Don't go it alone.

Can't I Just Bolt-On Speed?

When you’re getting beat on track, it’s easy to get caught in the trap of just bolting on what the “fast guy” has.

If it helps him go fast, it will surely help me go faster, right?

We wish it were that simple.

Can't I Just Bolt-On Speed?

The Hard Truth: A Shock Is Nothing Without Proper Setup

Just as there are endless equipment combinations, each driver has their own driving style and preferences, which complicates things further.

This is why a proper, custom setup by a team that understands the inner workings of all elements of your car or bike and can validate your feedback with data is critical to success.

Remember, a shock without the proper setup will NEVER contribute to the level it should for delivering whole vehicle performance.

Our Solution - The S3 Proven Process

Get a personalized shock setup along with the backend support needed to reinforce your relentless passion and pursuit to always be better.

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Our Proven Process (S3)
Our Proven Process

At Penske Shocks, we work with drivers at every level, from professional racing teams to weekend warriors, to extract the most performance from their application and help reach their specific goals with our proven process, S3.

We activate the same performance optimization process for every one of our customers - focusing on the shock + setup + support.

Optimized From The Start
Optimized From the Start

If your product is set to “factory settings,” you are already behind.

Starting with what everyone else has and making adjustments after the fact is flat-out inefficient and will leave you frustrated.

Instead, think about optimizing your setup from the beginning to accelerate the performance-tuning process.

Gain Confidence
Gain Confidence

A shock setup customized to YOUR needs accelerates the performance tuning process.

A customized shock setup not only gives you a literal head start on your competition - but also gives you confidence on the track, knowing you're in a setup customized to your application.


Unique Solutions
Unique Solutions

With over 30 years of experience, we possess diverse shock and setup knowledge that can be applied to any application.

With this experience in mind, we create unique solutions and improve our customers’ performance, no matter their level or goal.

If it's happened on the track or street, we've seen it before.

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Top 10 Most Common Suspension Issues and How to Resolve Them

We’ve seen thousands of issues with thousands of cars and motorcycles, from street to race track, and we believe that a good teammate shares what they have learned.

In this free webinar, we review the most common suspension issues you're likely to encounter and tips for how you can resolve them or avoid them altogether.

We have you covered.

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